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Bike - Ride Bikes, Save Earth

Ride Bikes, Save Earth
Moab's Escape Adventures Raises the Sustainability Bar

Bike (September/October 2007)
Article by Michael DiGregorio

By the prevailing standard of modern Las Vegas, Heather and Jared Fisher are the unassuming exception. Co-owners of Las Vegas Cyclery, Moab Cyclery and Escape Adventures- a 17-year old mountain bike touring and trekking outfit- the Fishers have made a nice living out of packaging low-impact outdoor pursuits.

Adventure Cyclist - Hell on Wheels

Hell on Wheels

Adventure Cyclist (September/October 2007)
Article by Michael DiGregorio

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It's been said that water is the most precious resource here in the hottest, driest, and lowest point in North America. If that's the case, then shade comes in a close second. Although the calendar said April, the Death Valley sun had already gone heat-lamp intense.

Accordingly, a clutch of cyclists, all men in their late forties, prepped and sun screened-up beneath a bosk of shaggy mesquite trees near the visitor center at Furnace Creek in Death Valley National Park. Surging out from this miniature green zone, surrounded by 3,000 square miles of brown, the cyclists will find zero defenses for the UV version of a full-court press.

Outside Magazine article featuring Moab Cyclery Tour Center

SPOT ON – Moab’s Radical Conversion

Outside Magazine (March 2007)p. 46, Article by Megan Gambino

It’s not like we needed another reason to love Moab. But we’ve got one: Utah’s red-rock mecca for adventure sports is perusing one of the most ambitious green-energy policies of any town in the West. The movement is led by mayor and 35-year resident Dave Sakrison, 61, who was elected in 2000 and three years later had government offices supplying half their kilowatt-hours with emissions free wind power. He then successfully challenged 15% of residents and 40% of businesses to do the same – a move that coincided with Moab’s recognition as the EPA’s first Green Power Community – and in 2005 finished construction on a geothermally heated and cooled city hall. This April, the Moab Chevron station will install Southern Utah’s first bio-diesel tanks. Meanwhile, mountain bikers coming to town for the storied 12-mile Slickrock trail can turn to Moab Cyclery, which powers it’s shop with an 8 kilowatt solar-electric system and runs 5 support vehicles on used veggie oil. [Bike rentals with shuttle, $50; Moabcyclery.com].

Bicycle Retailer - Jared Fisher Takes Green Route With Retail and Touring Businesses

Jared Fisher Takes Green Route With Retail and Touring Businesses

Bicycle Retailer (March 2007)
p. 43, Article by Matt Wiebe 

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LAS VEGAS, NV — Jared Fisher’s tours on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon in the early 1990s were so popular that they bankrolled his growing tour company, Escape Adventures.

But the National Forest Service began closing the Kaibab National Forest on a regular basis, threatening Fisher’s tour business. Fisher faced a host of difficult business decisions, but today his touring company and retail business, Moab Cyclery, are entirely carbon neutral.

Adventure Travel Tour Operator Sets New Precedent

Adventure Travel Tour Operator Sets New Precedent
Escape Adventures' Triple Bottom Line Benchmark

Boulder, CO (October 19, 2006) - Sustainable Travel International (STI) announced today that it helped Escape Adventures become one of - if not the first adventure travel company in the U.S. to attain carbon neutral status.

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