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Media Articles

Mountain Bike Action article featuring Oregon

Scouting Trails above Bend, Oregon

Exploring Central Oregon with Jared Fisher, America’s Premier Mountain Bike Scout

Mountain Bike Action, January 2001, pp. 74-78, Story and photos by Will Hangen
As Jared Fisher, mountain bike scout par excellence, and I prepare to scout 30 miles of singletrack above Bend, Oregon, nearby Mount Bachelor subtly unveils some of its crazy layer-cake weather system. The layer-cake effect starts at Bend’s outskirts and continues for 25 miles up Cascade Lakes Highway culminating at 7000-foot Todd Lake. Earlier we’d driven through separate layers of bright sun, then mist and are now in light rain.With the two of us standing side-by-side, staring down at the gray ridges arrayed below, delicate snowflakes begin to materialize out of the sky. They fall gently and slow-dance in our cloudy breath, a clear harbinger of winter, just a tad early. Both Jared and I are lost in thought when he turns to me and says, “This is the best part of my job. I live for these moments.”

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Mountain Bike Action article featuring Las Vegas

Southern Nevada's Singletrack Bonanza

Mountain Bike Action, December 2000, pp. 40-44

Thousands of bikers travel to Las Vegas every year. Many go for the annual Interbike Show, the premier bike show in the industry. A lot more simply pass through on their way to somehwhere else, maybe Moab, Utah, or some other storied riding spot in the western United States.As it happens, though, just outside of Las Vegas is some of the best winter riding in the U.S. While the Northwest is getting socked with winter storms, the Rockies are being buried under a blanket of snow, and the rest of the country is shivering in the cold, Southern Nevada is often basking in balmy 80-degree temperatures, brilliant blue skies, and bright sunshine. And though most mountain bikers don't realize it, there are good trails to be found within 25 minutes of the Las Vegas Strip....

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# Las Vegas Review Journal article featuring our daily tours

Mountain Biking off the Beaten Path

Las Vegas Review Journal, May 20, 1999, Story and photos by Brian E. Clark

John Egbert makes no bones about his bicycling preferences. If he has his druthers, he'll head his mountain bike off the pavement and onto the bumpy, single-track routes that proliferate the Red Valley northwest of Las Vegas.

On a recent Saturday morning, Egbert was leading a group of riders on a two-hour tour that starts at a pull-off on Highway 160 and goes north toward some imposing sandstone spires and then to a vista called Black Velvet Overlook.

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NEMBA Singletracks article featuring Las Vegas

Las Vegas: Singletrack in Sin City

Singletracks, Fall 2000, Story by Tom Greene, Greater Boston NEMBA

Las Vegas: Land of Elvis, a mini-reconstruction of New York city, exploding and sinking pirate ships, erupting volcanoes, white tigers, moving sidewalks, shotgun wedding chapels, and all-you-can-eat crab leg buffets.

There's no shortage of things to do in this town. But in the daylight hours, the sun beats down on the Vegas strip and heats the concrete and asphalt to temperatures equaling that of a blast furnace. The monolithic hotel-casinos which are mind numbingly illuminated at night begin to look fake and contrived in the pale mid-day sun.

Besides checking out the leaks in the Hoover Dam what else is there to do in Vegas during the day? If you are into trail riding Vegas is home to some serious desert singletrack. On our recent visit to Sin City, Reenie and I were jonesing to ride it.

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