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Trail of the Ancients Mountain Bike Tour

Indian Creek and Lockhart Basin

This bike tour departs from our Moab headquarters at Moab Cyclery.

The Needles District of Canyonlands National Park is named for the eroding rock pinnacles that stand as sentinels in a valley of endless views and exceptional sunsets. This area is located over 100 miles from any major interstate, making it one of the most remote regions in the country.

The Canyonlands region was considered a wasteland until the mid-1940s when urgent needs for uranium, vanadium, and petroleum products brought cycles of mining, prospecting and drilling to the area. These activities created a majority of the network of the backcountry roads and trails that are in use today. But long before modern times, the Ancestral Puebloans developed a flourishing civilization in these canyons. Located far into the backcountry, the remnants of their society have remained untouched for over 800 years. This mountain bike adventure offers a unique perspective into the region. A great trip for intermediate and athletic beginners, this mostly dirt road and double track route contains challenges of increasing difficulty as your skills increase.

Call or email us for booking, or to speak to a guide about this trip. 800.596.2953

Location: Utah
Season: Spring & Fall
Duration / Mileage:
6 days / 146 Miles
Accommodations: Camping
Fitness / Tech Ratings: 6 / 5
Departure: Fly or drive to Moab, UT




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Trail of the Ancients 2017 Dates

Trip Name and Details
Trail of the Ancients - Needles Backcountry
Utah, 6 Days
Camping: $1540
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